Mar 2, 2016

Winter in Tokyo has nice views but ...

Winter in Tokyo has nice views but ... photo
When winter comes to the Tokyo area, the skies become clear and the view from high buildings is really fantastic.

That said, I hate winter.  Why?

In winter, outside you need to wear thick clothes, but when you use the trains you sweat.  Then when you get off the train and leave the station that sweat turns cold and you start to freeze.  So, you walk at a fast pace to wherever you’re going, take off your thick coat, and find that because you were moving so quickly you’re body has heated up and your sweating, again!

On top of that, after the sweat has dried (for the second time) from late afternoon into the evening you start to smell.  Now, I go to the gym, too.  So, more sweat.  Get home, and it dries … for the third time!

Even though it’s winter, the body becomes smelly.

Summer in Tokyo is the opposite, you’re constantly sweating and there’s no chance for it dry.  In winter though, the sweating / drying effect leaves me feeling really unclean.

I hope that winter hurries up and finishes soon.


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