Dec 16, 2015

Eat natto 9 days after expiration.

Eat natto 9 days after expiration. photo
Today when i tried to eat natto, i realized it was past the expiration date. But i still wanted to eat it and it smelled okay. Eat natto 9 days after expiration. photo
I hope i'm ok tomorrow.


Hi guys ;) I like to do training. wanna share information about training and my daily life in Japan.


  • Saitama

    on Dec 16

    Lol. It smelt ok...it never smells ok!! I hope you're OK!!

  • Yuju

    on Dec 17

    @Saitama good morning. i am ok. no stomach hurts! :) thanks

  • Saitama

    on Dec 17

    @Yuju Hehe!! Glad to hear it. You are a brave man

  • edthethe

    on Feb 22

    hahaha this made me laugh!! funny thing about natto, its fermented so unless other bacteria gets in the only thing thatll happen when it gets old is that it will dry out. same with yogurt, if its not moldy, its good