Oct 27, 2015

Moving to a New Apartment - Part Three

Well, the moving part is done.  However, our previous place was a 3LDK and the new one is only a 2LDK so we’re having trouble making room for all of our clutter!  Actually, we threw away a truck load of our stuff before the move but even so, our new place is still bursting at the seams!  With little closet space at our disposal, there’s nowhere to put it all.

At the weekend we went to a home center to buy storage units, and did our best to clean up the new place, so even though the ‘moving’ part is done, it still feels like we’re really busy.  That said, we’ve pretty much finished cleaning our previous place and have got it looking nice and clean (if I do say so myself).

Soon after moving we had to go to our new ward office to complete the usual sort of paperwork that comes with any change in Japan.  It was pretty tough.  Public offices like this tend to close around 5 pm, so I had to take time off work and rush to get it all done.

As I mentioned before, for this house move we did most of the work ourselves.  With a family of four I knew it was going to be tough.  It turned out to be even harder than I expected though!  Maybe next time I’ll bring in the professionals!  But hang on ...

Including cleaning, we made three round trips between our current and former homes (by car).  That’s about 10,000 yen in transportation costs, bringing the total cost for the process of moving to around 50,000 yen.

Had we called in the help of professionals we might have had to pay around 200,000 yen.  By doing things ourselves we’ve made a saving of 150,000 yen!!

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To be continued …



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