Jun 1, 2020

Miyazaki Beef from Kobayashi City – Enjoying Yakiniku at Home

Back in Germany I was never that interested in meat. Usually my mom was cooking and I preferred simple chicken or pork. Even when going out I went with pasta, pizza or Japanese dishes such as ramen. But since I have been living in Japan a lot changed and I suddenly started to love eating meat – outside and at home.

Japan has a lot of good and high-quality meat to offer, especially the native breeds called wagyu (和牛) in Japanese. Most famous all over the world is Kobe beef which I was also able to try not such a long time ago. However, Japan has over 200 beef brands and there is still a lot for me to explore.

Thanks to City-Cost I was able to try Miyazaki beef which is widely known throughout Japan for its high quality.

Kobayashi City

Kobayashi is located in the southwestern part of Miyazaki Prefecture. It takes about 90 minutes to go there by highway bus from Miyazaki City. You can enjoy the beautiful nature with a hiking tour, learn more about the true farmer life in Japan with an overnight stay at a farm and for sure, enjoy the delicious food of the area.

Check out this English-language website for more information about what to see and do in Kobayashi City:

→ https://kobayashi-machi.com/en/

Miyazaki Beef from Kobayashi City – Enjoying Yakiniku at Home photo

Miyazaki Beef from Kobayashi

Let’s come back to the main topic.

The beef we (my husband and I) were able to try was sent from Kobayashi City, to be exact from the Beef Cook store (website). The meat comes from Kuroge cattle (Japanese Black), which belong to the four native breeds of Japan. Miyazaki beef even won the best-taste prize at the 2017 Wagyu Olympics (yes, something like this exists!). So we were pretty excited to try it!

Our 300g of Miyazaki beef arrived in a cooling box and we directly put it in our freezer to keep it until the weekend. We were thinking what will be the best way for us to enjoy this special meat and we decided to do a small yakiniku home party. So, we prepared our yakiniku plate for dinner, got some vegetables ready and took the Miyazuki beef out of the freezer around lunch to get it to room temperature slowly.

Miyazaki Beef from Kobayashi City – Enjoying Yakiniku at Home photo

My husband’s task was to cut everything nicely. In addition to the meat we prepared potatoes, onions, carrots, green pepper and soy bean sprouts and had a bowl of rice each. And then it was finally dinner time. We started with the beef, for sure, and it was so good! It melts right in your mouth and felt completely fresh just taken down from the hot plate.

Miyazaki Beef from Kobayashi City – Enjoying Yakiniku at Home photo

I ate the meat in three different ways:

- with the yakiniku sauce

- naturally, without adding anything

- with melted garlic butter

My personal highlight was the last one, with the garlic butter, because for me it just perfectly fitted together. My husband preferred the yakiniku sauce version instead.

Miyazaki Beef from Kobayashi City – Enjoying Yakiniku at Home photo

The beef was so delicious and I enjoyed it a lot. I felt like I was in a meat heaven and was really sad when the last pieces were coming closer. If you have a chance, try it out yourself!

I ended up filming our little Yakiniku Home Party, so feel free to take a look and enjoy some moving pictures and my happy face while eating.

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