Jul 30, 2018

Playing PokemonGo in Japan

It is already two years now that the game PokemonGo was released all around the world. I started playing it right from start and still lived in Germany back then. I had a lot of friends around me who were playing, too, so we had a lot of fun playing together. 

Playing PokemonGo in Japan photo

After moving to Japan, I don't really have a lot of friends around me who are playing, too. Now I rather play alone and for myself and only share my process and success on social media. But there are some things different in Japan, too. 

PokemonGo is still pretty popular in Japan. My friends back home always tell me that it is difficult to get enough people together for a legendary raid around my living area even tough they are in the middle of the city.

Now, here in Japan I just need to go to the station or any other place where people walk around in time for a raid and everything is fine with enough people to fight. When I was in Shibuya a while ago it was even crazy how many people were there to fight in an arena. 

When I went to the Community Day in June in Machida it was totally crazy that the streets were packed of people and you nearly couldn't move. I also went there just for playing, but that still so many people play - in all ages and working genres - that was really impressiv!

Playing PokemonGo in Japan photo

Playing PokemonGo in Japan photo

But there are also some points, I have a little bit trouble with. I am using the app in German on my phone and so I only get the German news. If there are world-wide events, there is no problem about it, I just need to find the right time. But if there are local news only for Japan, the game is not telling me it. 

One example was the cancelation of the last Community Day and Freezer Day, because of the heavy rain and flooting in Western Japan. I went outside that day and nothing happened... Now I follow the Japanese Twitter account for news, however, there are still all in Japanese.

The last few days was a unique event only for Japan called PokemonGo Special Weekend. Luckily my husband helped me to get the information how to join. 

Are you playing PokemonGo?



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