Jul 12, 2018

"Seems like your rib is broken" ...

It is exactly two weeks now since I suddenly had pain around my stomach area. I didn't know why and also didn't care that much about it, because stomachache sometimes happens and it even felt more like a muscleache which was not so far away, because I was busy walking around the day before.  

I went to my afternoon work and the pain slightly got worse. Inside the trains back home it got horrible, not only hurting my stomach but also my back. Wtf is that? I  had to stand during the two train rides of about 20 minutes each and was closely to crying when I finally got a seat on my bus home. Arrived there I layed down and it slightly got better.

Luckily I had days off and so I spent the next three days sitting around at home, not leaving the apartment. The pain was still there, but not as horrible as on the first day. It was rather feeling like a muscleache going around my stomach, back and sides.

"Seems like your rib is broken" ... photo

However, that was not the only thing. I got headache, nearly all day long, and didn't had any appetite and felt super weak and tired.

I still decided to work at Kindergarten on Tuesday, taking pain killer in the morning. This at least helped for my headache, not for my stomach.

Thursday I went to my afternoon work again. One week had passed and the pain was still there. This couldn't be muscleache... After spending Wednesday and Friday lazy at home, too, we finally went to the hospital last Saturday, not expecting what they will find out.

Usually I hesitate to go to hospital in Japan, because a) you have to pay and b) I always feel unconfortable with the language. But my husband was with me, so it was ok. We told the doctor about my pain and how I was feeling the last days.

They did x-ray first and then an ultrasound examination which took nearly 20 minutes because the doctor couldn't find the reason first. I was thinking maybe something happened to my kidney or pancreas, but the doctor said everything looks ok. And then, he found something. The assistent took some pics of it and I had to wait to go to the doctor's room again. 

"Seems like your rib is broken" ... photo

"Seems like something on your rib is broken" was what I couldn't believe.

When? How? That stays a mystery. 

Now, the doctor can't do much. It has to heal by itself. I just got a waist band to wear when I'm outside. Pain killers don't work for it, what I already found out.

Furthermore, all my other trouble came from the fact that I started breathing only in a flat way, because breathing deeply hurts. So, not enough blood is transported in my body and I feel weak and get headache. Knowing this, I can handle. When I feel that headache is starting, I concentrate on breathing and it gets better.

Two weeks have past, maybe it will take two more weeks. I hope then I am fine again. With my suddenly broken rib in Japan. 



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