Jan 20, 2019

New Drink: Fanta Yogurt Banana

I am always interested in trying new drinks and so I also got myself a bottle of the new released and time limited Fanta Yogurt Banana. Already the names sounds a little bit weird for me because I can't really imagine how a soda drink with yogurt would be like. However, I really like banana flavor, so I gave it a try. 

New Drink: Fanta Yogurt Banana photo

When opening the bottle you already can smell the banana flavor. When drinking this is going into the background first, but is coming back as after taste. The only think I am not really getting warm with is the yogurt taste. It gives the drink a certain freshness, but you also have this little sour taste you know from real yogurt. 

During drinking the whole bottle I still couldn't get a clear mind if I like this drink or not. On the first sip I would have said NO, but it somehow got better when keeping drinking. However, probably I wouldn't buy it again. 

You can find the new drink in Japan at most supermarkets and many convenience stores right now, so feel free to try it out youself. And tell me what you think about it!



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