Dec 20, 2017

A Christmas box filled with Green Tea

It is Christmas time and everybody is busy about the presents. Luckily I already finished this topic and can be relaxed for the upcoming Christmas Eve in Japan. Most of my presents are traveling to Germany and one of these is filled with green tea products this year. Here you can see what I put inside.  

A Christmas box filled with Green Tea photo

For sure, most gifts inside the box are food. I bought most of them at the local supermarket or at 100 yen shops (they have a surprisingly big assortment). One if the highlights might be the Matcha Mame Beans which I got from a special shop located in Kamakura.

Food : 

  • Uji Matcha Cream
  • Matcha Milk Snack
  • Country Ma’am Ocha Kaoru Wapafait
  • Matcha Mame Beans from Kamakura
  • Koi-Matcha Youkan
  • Uji Matcha Azuki
  • ChocoChip Matcha
  • Everyday Luxery KitKat Matcha Double Berry & Almond

A Christmas box filled with Green Tea photo

Talking about green tea products, we also shouldn’t forget drinks. It is hard to choose a green tea but I got an simple instant tea this time which is easy to brew. And some Matcha Ore for the sweetness together with the Christmas cake.


  • Blendy Stick Matcha Ore
  • Instant Green Tea with Matcha

A Christmas box filled with Green Tea photo

I hope my friend and her family will be happy about the green tea Christmas present and I am also thinking about some of the products for myself one more time.

What presents do you give for Christmas to your friends and family back in your home country?



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