May 14, 2019

KitKat Mint Yogurt - I finally got it!

A while ago it was announced that one of the new KitKat version will be Mint Yogurt. It was released in Japan on April 1st 2019 and I was a bit sad that I would be in Germany for my holidays during that time.

And this actually became a problem in the end. This limited version is sold only at Don Quijote and I ended up going to six different Donki around Tokyo and Kanagawa area and it always was sold out. Luckily I finally got it in Akihabara during Golden Week and for sure, I was very curious about it now.

KitKat Mint Yogurt - I finally got it!  photo

KitKat Mint Yogurt belongs to the more expensive versions, coming in a paper box including 12 Kitkat bars. The regular price is 800 yen + tax.

I really like the taste of this KitKat. It is very refreshing. You can taste the little sour part of yogurt, which is combined with the light taste of mint and the sweetness of white chocolate.

KitKat Mint Yogurt - I finally got it!  photo

For me it is a nice KitKat for summer with the mint. However, it is quite pricy and rather a special snack. Now I am excited how the other two new (and cheaper) mint KitKat will taste which were released this week. 



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