Jul 20, 2019

Starbucks Summer: Peach Frappuccino & New Tumblers

About every month Starbucks Japan is releasing a new special drink and a new goods collection. After I didn't like the two latest Frappuccinos that much (talking of the Pudding A Mode and the Lemon Yogurt), I was quickly curious about the new announcement: Peach on the Beach Frappuccino.

You can get it at Starbuck shops all around the country since yesterday, July 19th 2019, and for sure I went there right before work to get my hands on one of the drinks. This time I really like the taste. It is super fruity (and sweet) and gives you a nice refreshment in the now humid days of the Japanese summer. I especially like the small pieces of white peach inside, even though it was sometimes difficult to get them through the straw and I ended up drinking them from the tumbler at the end.

The Peach on the Beach Frappuccino costs 620 yen (+tax) and will be available until August 29. I will definately have it again once or twice. 

Starbucks Summer: Peach Frappuccino & New Tumblers photo

Together with the new Frappuccino the new tumbler collection was released yesterday. It has a nice summer theme with watermelon, sunflowers, fireworks and more. Some of the goods really look cute and I am totally into the colorful hanabi tumbler. I probably would have bought it if I wouldn't already own three tumblers.

Starbucks Summer: Peach Frappuccino & New Tumblers photo



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