Jul 9, 2018

The Magic of Digital Art

When living in the Tokyo area for a longer time, the thought can come up that after a while you must have seen everything. Luckily this will never be the case, because they are always bringing up something new. The latest highlight to see in Tokyo is the Digital Art Museum teamLab Borderless which opened on 21st June this year.

The Magic of Digital Art photo

I asked a German friend I got to know on Twitter to go there with me just right in the first week after opening, so we headed for Odaiba in the early morning of 27th June.

One of the reasons was that there are early bird tickets for a cheaper price of 2,400 yen until 31st July. After this, you have to pay the regular price of 3,200 yen which is actually quite pricy, but totally worth it. It is recommend to buy your tickets online beforehand, because the museum is very popular. Many days are already sold out and you can’t get same-day tickets at the venue.   

But now, let us finally take a look inside! 

The Magic of Digital Art photo

First I was scared that it would be too crowded, but they are letting you inside in groups and right at the beginning there are three different ways you can choose to go, so it is really relaxed. However, as it got afternoon you felt that more and more people came inside.

There are many different areas inside the museum which all are very impressive. You can become one with the digital art and experience it in so many ways. I gonna tell you my three highlights here: 

  • Forest of Lamps

As the name says this room is filled with lamps. Because there are mirrows everythere it looks really huge, but it isn't. You can walk insi de and enjoy the illusion with the changing colors and take some nice photos.  

There is a time limited to stay inside and we even needed to line up. But it is definately one of the best parts of the museum.

The Magic of Digital Art photo

  • Sketch Aquarium

On a huge wall a aquarium is shown and you are able to color your own sea creatures. They have some samples of fishes, jelly fishes and more. Then the staff scans it in and after a few seconds your drawing will get to life and swim around in the aquarium. I draw a Rilakkuma jelly fish.  

The Magic of Digital Art photo

  • En Tea House

Combining tea and digitial art? We ordered a cup of green tea and were brought in a dark room. With the digital art flowers were drawn on the tea cup and it took me a long time until I finally drank it, because it was too beautiful to touch. And for sure, it was also very delicious.

The Magic of Digital Art photo

The two and a half hours we spent at the Digitial Art Museum in Odaiba were really great. I can really recommend you to crab your family or friends and take a look there. A new attraction in the Tokyo area you shouldn't miss and promisses a lot of fun! 



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  • helloalissa

    on Jul 9

    So cool you could go there! I'm hoping to go in the future but it's a little far from where we live. It looks like a great experience.

  • YokoLostinJapan

    on Jul 12

    @helloalissa It is really great and I enjoyed it so much. A second one of this opened this month and I will go there in two weeks, too. Can't wait for it!