Jul 5, 2018

The Manholes of Sagamihara City

When you are walking around the streets of Japan where are your eyes looking? Do you take a look to the Japanese houses or the trees and flowers growing in the corners? Or do you look up to the sky to see the sunshine or the people passing by?

How about taking a look to the ground - on the street? While traveling through Japan you sooner or later notice that all the cities have their own unique manholes and some of them are really great and went viral. You can see castles, bridges and more.

But have you ever took a look around your local area? Every time when I walk from our apartment to the station I can see mainly three diffent versions. So let me introduce the manholes of Sagamihara City which I have seen so far. There are even more, because the area of Sagamihara City is quite huge and I haven't seen so much of this location so far. 

The Manholes of Sagamihara City photo

My favorite manhole is the one with the hydrangea flower, because I love this flower very much. In Japanese it is called Ajisai and known for blooming durring the rainy season in June. The hydrangea is also the flower of Sagamihara City and so you can find it as a symbol very often. 

The Manholes of Sagamihara City photo

On the second one you can see the three of Sagamihara City: the Keyaki tree (or Zelkova serrata). I like the way how detailed the put down all the leaves on the manhole. 

The Manholes of Sagamihara City photo

Third and last one in my smalll collection is this one. Unfortunately I couldn't find any information about it. It includes a flavor, probably a gingko leaf and a special symbol. If you know anything about it, feel free to write a comment (^_~)

Unfortunately I couldn't find the colored versions of these manholes so far. Especially for the hydrangea one I hope I can find it soon and take a photo of it. 

Are you interested in manholes?

What pictures do they have on it in your area?



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