Jul 26, 2019

Takahata Fudoson Temple during the beautiful ajisai season

Gallery - Ajisai Season at Takahata Fudoson

Since living in Japan I really fell in love with hydrangea. First I didn’t like them, mainly because I don’t like the color blue. But hydrangea, or ajisai (紫陽花) as they are called in Japanese, are just simply so beautiful and there are so many colors (and I also started to like the blue ones now). So even though I don't like the rainy season with its moody weather, I am looking forward to the ajisai season every year which takes place around the same time. 

After I couldn't go last year, because of rainy weather and time management, I finally wanted to visit the Takahata Fudoson Temple in Hino City this year, which is located in the western part of Tokyo. However, my first attempt on a day off was "washed away" by heavy rain... Luckily I could find another date when I could visit the temple before work and I am really glad I went.

Takahata Fudoson Temple during the beautiful ajisai season photo

Takahata Fudoson Kongo-ji (高幡不動尊金剛寺) is one of Tokyo's oldest temples and also one of the three biggest Fudo temples in the Kanto area. However, it is rather famous as being the family temple of Hijikata Toshizo, the vice commander of the Shinsengumi. You can find an impressive statue of him at the beginning of the temple area. That is also why the Shinsengumi Matsuri is taking place there every year in the beginning of May (read more here).

But Takahata Fudoson is also well-known for its Yama-Ajisai (山あじさい), mountain hydrangea. The whole mountain behind the pagoda is filled with ajisai plants and it is really beautiful when they are blooming. Because of this, the temple belongs to the top spots for hydrangea viewing in Tokyo area.

I visited the temple on June 19th and for sure, I was not the only one who wanted to see the blooming flowers. You can easily reach it from Takahatafudo station by walking a few minutes and the admission is free.

First I took a look around the usual temple area, starting with the Bentendo (弁天堂) on the left side next to the entrance. It looked so beautiful. The color contrast between the red of the small building and the bridge with the blue flowers was really nice.

Takahata Fudoson Temple during the beautiful ajisai season photo

After a stroll around the stone paths I went to the three-storied pagoda which is located at the center of the temple area. You can find many hydrangea blooming there that make a nice photo spot to take pictures of the pagoda framed by flowers. Furthermore, there are some benches to take a rest, too.

Next to this the highlight of Takahata Fudoson temple during this season is the Yama-Ajisai Path (山あじさい鑑賞路) behind the temple. Many people were walking there, but it was still not too crowded. Hydrangeas are blooming all around the way and you can find some of the 88 statues of Kobo Daishi.

I really enjoyed walking around there and can recommend visiting the temple. In the gallery you can find some of my photos. Furthermore here is a small video about my visit during ajisai season. Feel free to take a look (English subtitles available).



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