Feb 20, 2018

Japan Food Adventure: Cup Noodle Potato × Nuggets

On 12th Februaty 2018 a new Cup Noodles version went on sale and I needed to buy it right a way. I am a huge lover of french fries and I like to eat chicken nuggets. But hearing about a ramen cup including those both ingredients sounded so weird. Luckily I just found it right away at the convenient store on my way to work (by now they also have it at my local supermarket). 

Japan Food Adventure: Cup Noodle Potato × Nuggets photo

When opening the quite big cup, I already could see a lot pieces of nuggets, just a few of potatoes and I liked the fact that it is combined with eggs. Looks great for my taste so far. 

After brewing the water and waiting for the usual three minutes and gave it a try. The nuggets were pretty nice surprisingly. The potatoes were soft, more like usual potatoes and not really reminding me of french fries, but ok. I like the combination with the ramen noodles.

Japan Food Adventure: Cup Noodle Potato × Nuggets photo

My only minus point went to the soup. It has a black pepper shoyu taste which is strong. I am not good with pepper, so I ended up trowing the rest of the soup away when I ate all other ingredients. 

All in all, I like the idea of combining instant ramen with nuggets and potatoes. If they put another soup, I would by it again. 



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