Feb 11, 2019

A Valentine’s Date with Digital Flowers

Valentine’s Day is coming closer and especially when you are in a fresh relationship the day can be something really special. The big question is always: what can we do to make this day a special one? Having a lovely date at a romantic location usually works best for this and right now there is a limited-time-only exhibition in Tokyo which could help out with the perfect setting.  

Wouldn’t it be nice to walk under the blooming cherry blossoms, surrounded by lovely music and some soap bubbles playing around you in the air? Yes, it is still February and the sakura trees in the Kanto area are not blooming yet. However, you can find exactly this at digital art exhibition FLOWERS by NAKED.

A Valentine’s Date with Digital Flowers photo

The exhibition is taking place at the Mitsui Hall in Nihonbashi. You can find the entrance at the 4th floor of COREDO 1 Building. The event started on January 29th and will only stay open until March 3rd, so it is perfectly fitting and in time for a romantic Valentine’s date. FLOWERS by NAKED is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day with a few exceptions. The ticket prices vary between weekday and weekend / public holiday. On weekdays you have to pay 1,600 yen, on weekends and public holidays it is 2,000 yen. You can buy the tickets at the venue or earlier via Lawson Ticket, Pia Ticket or Peatix. Take a look on the official website for more information.

But now, let me tell you what to expect inside.

The whole exhibition FLOWERS by NAKED consists of 12 different parts which smoothly overlap into each other. It all starts with a huge book, symbolizing the beginning of spring. The wind is blowing the pages and takes you along the way where all the flowers are explained. Now, you have to open a big black door to enter the world of digital art.

Walk over a digital flower carpet and through an arch decorated with cherry blossom petals. Next, you find some water basins. In the dust you can see digital pedals flowing above your hands all surrounded by a fresh fragrance of flowers. 

A Valentine’s Date with Digital Flowers photo

Behind round Japanese style windows poems and flower art are hidden. Open them by touching the display and become one with the creations. Inside the bamboo thicket you can relax – and put your ear on the bamboo to hear the voices speaking with you.

The tearoom symbolizes the theme of ichigo ichie – one in a life time. First, the tree inside the room looks very simple, but stay tuned until the show inside the microcosmos starts. Next, dive into the yellow light of the rapeseed flowers which move in the wind until you go over to the spring path where uncountable cherry blossom petals are dancing on the floor.

A Valentine’s Date with Digital Flowers photo

Moving mirrors are finally bringing you to the main room with Japan’s earliest hanami space, including cherry blossom installations, flying bubbles and a huge screen display. Next, you can blow digital dandelions and explore the secret garden.

There is really a lot to explore! Next to seeing all those digital art installations you can use the visit to take some unique photos together with your partner and get a great memorial photo of your Valentine’s Day date.

A Valentine’s Date with Digital Flowers photo

After the visit to the exhibition you can enjoy some of the dishes at the collaboration café together. DO TABELKA is located on the 2nd floor in the neighboring building COREDO 3. Also, some other shops are offering special merchandise and flower goods during the time of the exhibition. Maybe something of this also makes a lovely Valentine’s gift or a souvenir of the day.

A Valentine’s Date with Digital Flowers photo

How are you going to spend your Valentine’s Day?



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