Jul 31, 2018

A Pancake Lover in Japan

If you ask me what my favorite food is (actually a question I always get asked in my English visitation classes), I would always say sweets. I totally love sweets. And if you then ask me what sweets I love best, I would shortly think about it and then end up with PANCAKES.

I don't know why, but I really fell in love with pancakes and here in Japan I can find so many restaurants serving different kinds of pancakes that I feel like in heaven. I love to have pancakes when I am out and need to have something for lunch (yes, sweet stuff for lunch is pretty fine for me).

When I normally go out for pancake lunch once a month, this month I freaked out about it a little bit. I went to four cafés and even had pancakes at home. But let me only show me the ones I had outside (^_~)

A Pancake Lover in Japan photo

First I went to J.S. Pancake Café in Machida. It was a Sunday and I had morning classes, so it was pretty nice for lunch. I chose the one with banana, strawberries and blueberries. It was pretty nice! However, I got full pretty fast because I was still sick (because of the heat) at the beginning of the month. 

A Pancake Lover in Japan photo

Next I went to the Pokemon Café in Tokyo with a friend and I decided to eat the cute Eevee pancakes. They were also yummy with the cream inbetween and the fruits next to it. 

A Pancake Lover in Japan photo

My third stopp was Butter Premium inside Lalaport Toyosu. We visited there after the digital art museum teamLab Planets. And this were definately the best pancakes this month. Sooo delicious! They were fluffy and the combination of cream, fruits and ice cream was just great!

A Pancake Lover in Japan photo

My last one for this month was at Honolulu Coffee at Ario Hashimoto. There I decided for the fruity pancakes, too, and it was pretty huge, but also yummy. 

What is your favorite food when you go out?



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