Oct 21, 2017

My October covered with Halloween

Back in Germany I never celebrated Halloween that much. I only made a Halloween party with friends once. Also the hype about Halloween is not big in the rural area I lived, so it never really was a big deal for me. Living in Japan, you are not able to miss this autumn event. Halloween is everywhere! In the supermarket, at cafés and restaurants, in TV and advertisement. EVERYWHERE! There is no choice: my October is covered with Halloween. To get an overview I split it into three parts. 

My October covered with Halloween photo

A) Halloween at the USJ

My husband and I love the Universal Studios Japan in Osaka and we try to go there once a year. This time we went there in the beginning of October for the Halloween event and it was really great (apart from the weather). They have a lot Halloween decorations and merchandise and even most of the park food has a design fitting for the scary time. In the night zombies come out in the park area and scare the guest. Because it was raining we even could see the zombie pirates who had amazing costumes.

While the Halloween events they have special attractions, too. We tried out two mazes connected to the horror movies "The Exorcist" and "A Nightmare on Elm Street". Both were really scary and my heart was beating fast afterwards. We watched a Sadako-make-over of the Terminator attraction, too, which was nicely staged and scary at the same time. If you have a chance and like horror attractions you should make a visit to USJ until 5th November!

My October covered with Halloween photo

B) Halloween at work

I am working as a part time teacher at an international preschool in Japan. For sure, Halloween is a big topic while October. We are making different Halloween themed art projects like a trick or treat bags, shiny spider webs and funny pumpkin masks. With one class we even make a Jack-o-lantern with a real pumpkin! The children learn vocabulary all about Halloween, we read Halloween story books and move our bodies to the skeleton dance. And for sure, we are also talking about and drawing our favorite costumes. Not forgetting about the big Halloween party at the end of the month there the parents can join, too. It seems like the children really enjoy this topic.

My October covered with Halloween photo

C) And what to do on Halloween weekend?

That's a big question. Actually, I haven't decided yet. My husband and I were thinking about going to one of the small Halloween events around our living area, depending on the weather. Everyone tells me to go to Shibuya, but yeah, everyone will be there and it will be too crowded for me. I want to enjoy this day and not be stucked within 2 or 3 million people which are expected there according to some websites.

Another big Halloween event is taking place in Kawasaki on 29th October, belonging to one of the events I always wanted to visit. There will be a big parade which might be interesting especially because of all the create costumes. One more alternative would have been one of the many Halloween concerts, for example held by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu or other Japanese rock and visual kei bands.

If we can't decide we probably end up at home - or doing something completely else.

My October covered with Halloween photo

For sure, that is not all. I probably could do a whole report about Halloween themed food. I already tried Halloween Pepsi, Halloween Donuts, Halloween Pizza and Halloween burger. Until the end of October I wish you all a happy Halloween time!!



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