Dec 18, 2015

Hot Gel and Tight Rubber!!

I fear the contents of this post might be a let down.  Whilst I can promise hot gel, as well as tight rubber, there’s a distinct lack of illicit dens, free porn, or anything in the way of titillation. Sorry!  It’s about winter surfing in Japan.

The gel in question here is being sold for surfers in Japan (although I don’t think it’s exclusively for them).  I picked some up from Murasaki Sports for just over 2,000 yen.  You rub it on your skin, slip on the wetsuit, and it’s supposed to warm you up.

I’d never used any before so was both fearful and sceptical.  Fearful, as the idea of applying a gel that sends body temperatures soaring just doesn’t sound right.  Sceptical, because, well, I’m sceptical about most stuff!

Anyway, the permatanned guy in the store assured me that it was effective (although, what else was he going to say?).  The gel came in two levels of ‘hot’; HOT LEVEL 2 and HOT LEVEL 4 (HARD).  I was told 2 would be fine for December, but for peak winter it would have to be 4.  I went with 4.

The night before a recent surf I gave it a try just to be sure I didn’t have an adverse reaction. So far, so good.

On the day, after getting half in the wetsuit, I applied the gel.  Mainly shoulders, chest, and as much as I could, back.  Zipped up the wettie and … very quickly was unnaturally hot.  I mean, hot in an unhealthy, burning way.  I wanted to get in the water out of mild panic.  Once in the water though, temperatures became more pleasant.  I can’t say I felt comfortably warm, but the gel did a pretty sterling job at fending off the cold.  I’d say it was effective for around 45 mins.  After that my teeth began chattering.  That said though, I’m not the strongest when it comes to winter surfing in Japan.

Give the gel a go.  If nothing else it’ll give you a kick up the backside to get in the water. It’s no substitute for thick rubber though.  

This surfer can usually be found in the waters in/around Kujukurihama, Chiba.

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  • KpQuePasa

    on Feb 8

    that is super interesting! I would have your same skepticism, but I can't deny being curious about trying it. Was it affordable?