Dec 30, 2015

Strawberry Picking | Gunma, Tochigi and Tokyo

Strawberry Picking | Gunma, Tochigi and Tokyo photo

Strawberry picking season starts as early as mid-December in parts of Kanto.  By the end of January, almost all strawberry picking greenhouses are open for business. The system of strawberry farms in Kanto is usually a fixed price for a half of hour of picking and all-you-can-eat.  Some farms do not have a time restriction, but generally those farms are more expensive. The prices per farm differ greatly, some start as cheap as 500 yen for children, but adult costs are usually around 1,500 yen.  As the weather warms, it is not unusual for the farms to reflect this in their charges and lower the price in April or May.  Most farms do not charge for children two years old and under. Parking is typically free. You can bring home strawberries you've picked, if you are willing to pay an extra charge determined by weight.

If you are looking for a place you can enjoy strawberry picking, look no further! This article features GUNMA, TOCHIGI AND TOKYO, but you can also find other areas on the city-cost website. Where information is known about the farming practises it will be written in bold, for example "EM NATURAL FARMING". I have also added some tidbits of information where possible. Each farm listed is linked to a website with further information. However, the information on the websites is only available in Japanese unless otherwise stated. I have not quoted prices below, as they can often change. Please see the individual farm website for price information. Roman numerals are used so even if you do not read Japanese you can see the prices.

If you would like more information in English on a particular farm, please ask in the comments and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Also, please feel free to add your own recommendations in the comment area. Don't forget to check back for other prefectures throughout the month of December.


Numata Area

☆Harada Farm (果実の里原田農園)

URL: http://www.harada-nouen.com/mikaku/ichigo/index.html

TEL: 0278-22-3991

SEASON: End of December to end of June

They use the fruits produced on the farm to make juice, jams and other treats.

Ikaho Area

☆Ikaho Green Farm (伊香保グリーン牧場) ECO Strawberry House

URL: http://www.greenbokujo.co.jp/events/strawberry/

TEL: 0297-24-5335

SEASON: End of November to mid May.

You have to pay into the farm and then additional for the strawberry picking. Ikaho farm has a popular sheepdog show as well as other attractions.

Shibukawa Area

☆Youichirou Strawberry Farm (陽一郎園)

URL: http://www.geocities.jp/youichirouen/

TEL: 0279-56-7112 

SEASON: End of December to mid June

CHEMICAL FREE SOIL - they don't use drugs and they test the farm periodically for radiation.


Nasu Area

☆Nasu Kogen Strawberry Forest (那須高原農園いちごの森)

URL: http://www.okashinoshiro.co.jp/facilities/ichigo/

TEL: 0287-62-1800

SEASON: End of December to end of June

☆Shiobara Strawberry land (しおばらいちごランド)

URL: http://homepage2.nifty.com/ICHIGO

TEL: 080-1080-5910

SEASON: End of December to start of May


Utsunomiya Area

☆Romantic Mura (道の駅うつのみやろまんちゃくむら)

URL: www.romanticmura.com

TEL: 028-665-8800

SEASON: Approximately end of January to end of April



Tama Area

☆Niikura Farm (新倉農園)

URL: http://niikuranoen.com/

TEL: 080-1173-1346

SEASON: Approximately early February to May

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