Jul 15, 2018

Dating in Japan--Couple's Rings

Just in case you don't know, I have a Japanese boyfriend. We have been dating for over a year now and during this year I have noticed many cultural differences. This is a part of my series about difference I have noticed. 

Todays topic is--couple's rings!

Dating in Japan--Couple's Rings photo

These are what our rings look like, but my boyfriend's is silver.

In the West we typically have three types of rings: promise, engagement, and wedding rings. Both promise and engagement rings are typically only worn by the women. Then, of course, the wedding rings are worn by both partners. At least this is how it works in America. However, in Japan they do not have promise rings, but instead they have couple's rings. They are worn by both partners. My boyfriend and I both have couples rings. 

I didn't personally know that couple's rings were a thing until my boyfriend took my shopping. I was very surprised by the stores large selection. We went to a store called The Kiss. They even had Disney themed couple rings! My guess after looking at the wide variety is that couple's rings must be popular.

According to my boyfriend, many Japanese couples get couples rings quite early in their relationship. It is really popular for 100 day anniversaries, which I have never heard of. Plus, Japanese people don't think it is a big deal to put it on their left ring finger, but not every one does. This may be related to the fact that not all married couples wear rings. 

When I first told my parents about the rings they were convinced I was lying. They didn't understand why my boyfriend also had a ring. They thought that we maybe got secretly eloped, which is definitely not the case! I eventually convinced them that couple's rings are very much a thing in Japan. 

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