Oct 17, 2017

Delights for Homesick

It has rained terribly for 2 days. Even though, my son and I have managed to discover chocolates and we have decorated Christmas tree. Yes, you read it right. (A Christmas tree!) We set the whole and old Christmas tree, and lit up the lights. It was a holiday and a kid agreed to help me setting up the tree is like a payback. I could use his labor.   

Adding to this great event, the newest LOTTE chocolates were tasty and would provide delights for your homesickness. We were delighted to taste these chocolates, too.

Banira - This one is vanilla flavored, pure chocolate.

Charlotte teinei shiage (carefully completed) chocolate with almond caramel.

And with how to open instructions. If you are Trader Joe's customer and buy a chocolate with caramel snack, this one tastes that. Chocolate cuts from Trader Joe's are against the Japanese standard of carefully and perfectly cut like these ones. But these are all taste similar.

meishou (name): yougashi(western confectioner), genzairyou-mei (raw material name): sugar, syrup, almond, margarine, oil, milk powder, cacao, shortening, cream, goffret crunch, starch, soy protein, cocoa powder, /starch, emulsifier, flavor, (vitamin e), Ca,.



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