Jul 20, 2018

34C Dealing with Heat

It is 34 C in the house and it feels pretty hot. Sitting in a room with air cooler on and navigate through city-cost themes for writing is just what I want to do today. Listening songs and learning how to figure out working on Adobe XD, so much to push myself into. Wow. these new products are booming and expanding, I almost fall behind. Days are just gonna be like this till the end of the month, and leave Japan. Excited but sad leaving some friends and kid's friends, behind. Hope they will have a wonderful year.

Back to the heat, I desperately purchased some new looking bottles of water from Family Mart.

One of them was blue and it is called Samurai Blue, not sure what it means. Kirin's new innovative drink which is strong soda drink for victory, is for football match. On the label it says Kirin wo nonde, minna de nihon daihyou wo ouen shiyou, - Let's drink Kirin and support Japanese national team! Player number 8's shot was breathless. Not that I am a fan of soccer match and its participants. I watched it in Mongolia where almost everybody watched at home or at the gathering with beer and food and big TV stations. 

34C Dealing with Heat photo

(Ingredients in the Samurai drink: grape fructose, sugar, flavoring, gardenia pigment, acidulant.) More words about the match, in 2008 when it held in Japan and S. Korea, team played well. Technical setting was amazing according to some Mongolians.

Right when I was writing this post a friend of mine came to present a gift because I was leaving. (In the gift, there was ice cream, for a moment chilling and eating some ice cream.) Her daughter was in kindergarten with my son and in elementary school.

It was good to see her once again. Already built beautiful memories. They will always be in our hearts.



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