Dec 6, 2017

Top tips on traveling to Nikko for foreigners

If you are more of a nature loving type of traveler, why not take a trip to Nikko?

Nikko, located in Tochigi Prefecture, north of Tokyo, is one of the most beautiful places in Japan, and is famous for its mountainous landscapes, falls and hot springs.

For foreigners, Tobu Nikko railway offers various rail passes for foreigners. I think, it is the most practical and cheapest way to get around Nikko.

The following lists the different passes for Nikko that you can buy depending on the number of days to stay and places you wish to visit while you are there.

1.Nikko City Area Pass

If you are planning to stay there for a couple of days, this is the recommended pass to buy. It includes a roundtrip ticket from Asakusa to Shimoimachi station, and unlimited bus rides between Central Nikko and trains from Nikko to Kinugawa Onsen.

Cost: 2670 yen for adult, 1340 yen for child

 Map of free bus and train ride route 


 Orange: Section of free train Ride

 Green Section of Unlimited Bus ride

The following are the places you can visit when you plan to buy this rail pass.

1.Nikkozan Rinnoji Temple

2.Nikko Toshugu Shrine

3.Nikko Futarasan

4.Nikkozan Rinnoji Taiyuin

5.Nikko Futarasan Shrine, Shinkyo

Note: entrance fees for Shrines and Temples are not included in this pass.

2.Nikko All Area Pass

If you want a longer stay in Nikko, this pass is recommended. The validity period is 4 consecutive days. It includes one roundtrip ticket from Asakusa to Shimoimachi station aso, unlimited train from Nikko and Kinugawa Onsen area and bus rides around Nikko and Okunikko.

Cost: 4520 yen for adult, 2070 yen for child

Map of free bus and train ride route 

Given that it is for a longer stay, you can go to the places I listed above on the Nikko City pass and also some farther places around Nikko.

 1.All the Shrines listed above

 2.Chuzenji Onsen

 3.Kegon Falls

 4.Lake Chuzenji Kohan, Walking path

 5.Chuzenji Onsen

3.Theme Park and Nikko City Area Pass

The validity period of this pass is 2 days, but unlike the first two passes, this pass includes entrance fee for the theme parks, the Tobu World Square and Edo Wonderland Nikko Edomura. 

This pass also includes one round trip ticket from Asakusa to Shimoimachi stations and also, unlimited trains and bus rides around Nikko.

Cost: 8010 yen for adult, 4010 yen for child

Map of free bus and train ride route

You can also get a pass with which you can choose between one of the two theme parks:

Tobu World Square and Nikko City Area Pass: 4710 yen for adult, 2360 yen for child

Edo Wonderland and Nikko City Area Pass: 6610 yen for adult, 3310 yen for child.

The following are the places you can visit in Nikko when you buy this rail pass.

1. All the shrines listed above

2.Tobu World Square

3.Edo Wonderland

So, these are the passes you can choose from if you are planning to go to Nikko.

I went to Nikko with my friends this autumn and the colors of the trees are the best! Let me share some of my snapshots.

The Shinkyo Bridge is so beautiful! Entrance fee costs 300 yen.

The Toshugu Shrine was really crowded at that time when we went there. Entrance fee costs 1300 yen.

Hope you enjoy your trip to Nikko and hope this blog helps!



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