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Is this Sumo????

Looking for a Sumo show? So was I, but I got something a bit different.

Ryogoku Tokyo is the neighborhood in Sumida Tokyo that has the Kokugikan Sumo Stadium. If you book far enough in advanced, you can see a Sumo match there. But, if you don’t have enough foresight for that, you can just go to one of the Chanko Nabe restaurants nearby for a show.

The one right outside of the Ryogoku station is called Hana no Mai. It’s one of the larger Chanko Nabe restaurants with a Sumo Arena inside. With seats right up against the arena, we were sure to see a good Sumo show. Atleast… it was more interesting than a traditional Sumo match.

(The kilt guy was not part of the show)

Akatsu is a comedian who specializes in something he calls “Sumo-cise” which is Sumo, and exercise. It’s a series of Sumo related moves and techniques to get you physically fit, mentally strong, and socially accepted. 

He also impersonates professional sumo wrestlers perfectly... in which we have to take his word for since I can't name not even one professional sumo wrestler. 

After the show, you can fool around in the arena... to a point.

Be sure to check me out on YouTube at for more videos. Or just click on the vid below for your entertainment.

P.S, Stu, we all miss you. Hope you stop by Japan during your antics in south Asia. For now, I'll drink more Ukon no Chikara.

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Who is this mysterious 'kilt guy'?


@Tomuu idk, he just appeared like a wild Pokémon.


@Janglish-Jerry He's got some crazy hair going on anyway.

What was the deal with the guy in the blue coat? Was he not happy about being filmed or that you said 'breasts'?!


@Tomuu We did alot of gaijin like things that people didn't approve of that night.


@Janglish-Jerry Good!



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