Oct 10, 2015

Eating Fugu, Drinking, and playing with Knives

Eating Fugu, Drinking, and playing with Knives photo
Fugu, or pufferfish, contains enough poison to kill 30 human beings. If not prepared correctly, this meal may be your last.

After a long trip overseas, I came home to Yokosuka and I immediately felt like I needed something special. After searching for something special a bit on the internet, I discovered that there was a Fugu restaurant nearby.

Fugu Ryouri Makoto is a small Fugu restaurant by the city center. After reserving the restaurant about... 15 minutes before, we entered and had a seat.

Be sure to strike up a conversation with Makoto-san. Even if your Japanese is terrible, thats ok, because so is his english. But hey, at least you're trying, and regardless, you'll all have fun.

The Fugu course meal runs about 8000 yen, or about 80 dollars, which is actually a really good price compared to other Fugu restaurants. Fugu is notoriously expensive because of the exclusiveness of the food, and the danger of well, dying.

A later plan that me and my lovely companion Romi-chan have is to come back later in December to the same restaurant, because they offer turtle as well. Look out for a video of that later.
Eating Fugu, Drinking, and playing with Knives photo
The course contained the following for 8000 yen:

Fugu Skin, incased in Jelly.
Fugu Sashimi, sliced Fugu
Fugu Nabe, a hot pot of Fugu parts
YakiFugu, grilled Fugu soaked in sake and soy sauce

As a bonus, Makoto san, while smoking and drinking with us most of the night, and kicking out anybody else that entered the establishment after us, offered us some extra items.

Nihonshuu Niigata, Cold Sake from Niigata
Cheese Doria, delicious cheesy rice
Grilled Boneless Sanma, all bones removed by the expert sushi chef Makoto
A cool knife show, he showed us his knives.

Another bonus, since we were all pretty tipsy, is he regretted that he couldn't serve a certain item because it wasn't the correct time of year, but he keeps it in the fridge to show customers.
Eating Fugu, Drinking, and playing with Knives photo
Fugu penis. I've actually eaten shirako, the sperm from the fugu penis before, and if you are looking for the tingle and the sting of the Fugu poison without actually dying, you'll want to eat some of this fine Fugu d**k.

Interesting bit of information he told us, the Fugu penis won't kill you, but Fugu lady parts will.

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  • Samantha

    on Oct 12

    Wow, that's crazy interesting. I don't think I've eaten fugu yet, I've been here almost 7 years. I certainly haven't experienced anything like this, so far.. But now I kinda want to see it too.