Jan 29, 2016

Japan McDonald's Chocolate Fries

Japan McDonald's Chocolate Fries photo

Its sweeping the internet in a tsunami of chocolate, salt, and MSG. Why has this gotten so popular?

McFry Potato Chocolate Sauce, McChoco Potato, McDonald's Chocolate Fries, McFry Potato, Chocolate Potato, Choco Poteto, チョコポテト, whatever you want to call it.

Ever since Abroad in Japan made a video on this last week, everybody has been going crazy over it. If you’re living in Japan, you’re a foreigner, you’ll eventually want to try this, or one of your friends will force you to. Every gaijin newspaper on the internet has written something about it, and everybody and their mother has done a video, a blog, or something on this hoping to catch this wave...

Yea, I tried it. I did it too. I tasted it. I joined the crowd. I didn’t think it was all that. It just tasted like chocolate and fries. Nothing special really. If anything, I don’t think it had enough chocolate on it.

Japan McDonald's Chocolate Fries photo

Well, I figured out that McDonalds Japan has figured out the perfect ratio between chocolate and fries, sweet and savoury, and adding more chocolate completely ruined the flavour. But since I’m well studied in culinary and all things cookery, I was able to fix it.

After a short taste, I've also figured out that if you put lots of chocolate on perfectly good fries, and then offset it with salt, it no longer tastes like french fries. No matter. If I’ve learned anything about food, its what to do to make bad food taste good.

Japan McDonald's Chocolate Fries photo
Check out my video on what started out as another "Try the McChoco Potato Video."



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  • kcsantosh

    on Apr 7

    Looks yummy. Definitely going to try