Jan 22, 2016

Eating Cockroaches and other rare meats

I’ve been looking for something weird to eat lately, so I turned to this blog site for help. Turns out Yuju, another user here, gave me a place with the best menu I’ve ever seen.

I’m not really sure what to say about all of this. I’m not really into eating gross stuff, but I’m totally into grossing out friends and family.

So here, in Yokohama, sear Sakuragicho, is a restaurant that not many people know about. The only evidence I’ve seen of this online are japanese blogs, but not very many english ones, so… here I am now, banging away on the keyboard like a man playing taiko drums with a pair of wet fish.

This restaurant, well, more of a bar, holds about 15 people. Nervous about getting in, we made a reservation. It's a good thing we did that, because if we hadn’t somebody else might have shown up and watch us embarrass ourselves in front of a handy cam, and watch one of my American friends mispronounce the Japanese word for beautiful to one of the bar maids who was frying up some cockroaches.

Oh, yes, the cockroaches, our first meal.

Cockroaches are those uninvited guests that come over for dinner. I could imagine at the start of this bar, a cockroach came along, somebody called out ゴキブリ! and the owner would flick the insect with his finger. Unfortunately the cockroach fell into the deep fat fryer…
Which gave the owner an idea….
(probably not what actually happened, but it's a nice thought)

Later on, adventurous eaters like myself would ask for more than just cockroach.

Just from what I remember from the menu, there was cockroach, scorpion, monitor lizard, reindeer, crocodile, kangaroo, Axolotl, Isopods, crickets, locusts, and a bunch of other stuff I didn’t study the Japanese word for.

Our second plate

Scorpions are predatorial creatures that eat other little creatures. They have a long venomous tail and sharp scissor like claws.

When we cut off the scissor like claws with a pair of scissor like scissors, we can tell right away, this was fresh and crunchy, right out of the deep fat fryer.

(everything is deep fried here)

Now, I’m not sure if its safe to eat, but I haven’t heard of any deaths coming from this place. But then again, I’ve only heard about this place about a week ago. Also, not sure where scorpions are native to, but definitely not Yokohama, and definitely not in January.

Our Third plate

Newt or salamander. These slithery little guys are lizards that live in muddy areas. Now if I saw one of these in the wild, I’m not sure if my instinctual response would be to eat one, but now that I know that its edible, I’ll definitely go for it, if I had a deep fat fryer at my camp.


異物混入プリン= Dessert Foreign Material Mix of Horror, at least that is how the translation app put it. But its not far off. Pics in the video. This pudding was contaminated with a locust like creature, and its larvae. But when I tried it, it tasted like, well, flan. The little creatures were covered in caramel and hardened like candy. Wasn’t that bad actually.

We finished the meal off with some Habu-Sake, snake imbued sake, and headed off for a ramen shop. Because although this place was cool, eating deep fried insects and lizards wasn’t very filling. 11 out of 10, would eat again.

Hey guys, would you like to see this in action? Come over to my youtube page and check it out! I’ve got a short video about my experience here, and if you have time, I have a longer video you can entertain yourself with! Gross out your friends and family by sharing, c’mon, it’ll be fun!



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  • Yuju

    on Jan 22

    You really did!!!!!!!!!! Great!! God... It is interesting to me, but I can't try!

  • alphy

    on Jan 25

    You had me by the edge of my seat... this was a very interesting read. pictures are terrifying and I'm too afraid to watch the video!!!

  • JanglishJerry

    on Jan 26

    @alphy Thanks dude! It was a lot of fun making the video too. Eating everything was bearable probably because everything was deep fried. I don't know if I would be able to do the raw type.

  • JanglishJerry

    on Jan 26

    @Yuju Thanks for the suggestion! I'm looking at all these other youtubers, and they are all going to kawaii monster cafe and eating "weird food" like natto and cow tongue (yawn). This was a really good suggestion thank you!

  • kcsantosh

    on Apr 7

    OMG! I can't even see the pictures. Weird Food