May 8, 2017

The Potato Chips Crisis!

I walked into the supermarket today, with plans to refill my stocks of unhealthy delicious snacks.

What awaited for me was a scene of horror.....

The shelves normally filled with colours bags of chips of different flavours were mostly empty! And it wasn't because of a sudden rise in popularity with these thin oily crisps, because there was a sign posted.

"Due to a lack of ingredients, only ONE bag per customer for the following potato chips"

Apparently, we are having a potato crisis, and it is affected the chips industry hard! This reminds me of the butter crisis last year, so if you're like me, you better stock up on the chips because who knows when they will come back for good!

As you may know, I have an addiction for chips and snacks: https://www.city-cost.com/blogs/Jackson/wXg4G-living_food

I only have about 12 bags at home right now.... hope these will be enough to last me a while.


  • Ooray2775

    on May 9

    I have bought potato chips a few times recently. Unhealthy delicious snack, it is. :) But I like it. I also like sweet snacks. Which one is better potato chips or bean buns?

  • mica

    on May 9

    Yes, I have tried ordering my favorite chips and its sold out everywhere!!! First butter, now chips!

  • Jackson

    on May 15

    @mica This is madness! Good thing there are a lot of other snacks in Japan that can give me my fix for now...

  • Jackson

    on May 15

    @Ooray2775 Haha yes, so unhealthy. For me, potato chips are king and nothing can beat it!