Feb 11, 2017

An Addiction: Time-Limited Japanese Snacks

I fell right into this bottomless pit soon after I arrived to Japan. The snacks, and by snacks, I'm referring to the junk food, are delicious. Japanese potato chips, caramel corn, pocky, and oh so many more that I couldn't stop enjoying even when I used to buy them from import stores back in Canada.

But now that I'm in Japan, I see all those seasonal time-limited flavours, and there's that voice in my head that goes "if I don't try it, I'd never know what it tastes like!" For only 90yen-ish a bag, I find myself purchase one after another whenever a new flavour is introduced, before I even finish the stock that's already at home.

An Addiction: Time-Limited Japanese Snacks photo

And my stock often ends up like this.

It's a guilty pleasure that I can always open a new bag of snack, not knowing what it'll taste like. The excitement to finding out how the taste matches the expectations I got from its package is the biggest reason I can't stop. To fulfill the curiosity is even more important than fulfill my stomach with tasty (unhealthy) snacks. I do finish them all eventually and none goes to waste (except for that one flavour that was an utter disaster and I had to surrender. I'll save that story for another post).

At least this addiction is much more affordable than other ones I could have picked up, like pachiko, haha.

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  • helloalissa

    on Feb 12

    The first time I visited Japan, we found strawberry Cheetos. That's where it started for me, although I don't feel the need to try every flavor / product out there. It's just so fun to get the limited seasonal snacks, some of which come back every year.

  • DaveJpn

    on Feb 13

    That's an impressive selection! To date, I've never tried the Caramel Corn things. I see them around plenty, but somehow they don't appeal. I think you should get some Don Tacos in there, and also some of those corn chips in a kind of funnel shape. I can't recall the name but they come in a sort of box rather than a packet.

  • Jackson

    on Feb 18

    @helloalissa Strawberry cheetos oh Goodness lol. How was it?

  • Jackson

    on Feb 18

    @DaveJpn Caramal Corn is one of my favourite. I'm not a fan of popcorn but it is very different in a wonderful way, worth a try! I like Don Tacos too and I know the corn funnels that you're talking about! It's been years since I've had them, and now you just inspired me to pick a pack up haha :)

  • helloalissa

    on Feb 19

    @Jackson They were a bit strange, but a good souvenir. I liked the strawberry Tohato much better because it doesn't also have a cheese flavor.

  • DaveJpn

    on Feb 21

    @Jackson I like to inspire! Just don't wolf then all down in one go. They can get a get a bit much if you don't pace yourself!