Mar 20, 2017

Forget popcorn, have some Pop-rice!

As you guys may know, I'm always look for snacks to munch on. (In fact, it's an addiction! Read about my snacks addiction)

At the snack shop, one of my fav crunchy snacks to pick up is the ninjin-pop-rice.Forget popcorn, have some Pop-rice! photo

These little adorable carrot packages contain some incredible crispy (and extremely addictive) sweetened rice. For only 30yen a pack and the cute packaging, kids love them, and so do adults. The ingredients are also very simple too: rice, sugar, mizu-ame, and salt.

Forget popcorn, have some Pop-rice! photo

My only "problem" with them is that each bags has only 13g of them, so they will be gone way before you realize it and you will be looking for more snacks. Regardless, this is a good snack to have at home, and one that kids can eat and still have dinner afterwards.

As to why is it "carrot"? Sorry, that's a question I don't have the answer to.