May 26, 2017

'Shizuoka Chaya' First Branch Open, 茶町 (Chamachi) KINZABURO

The first branch of the 'Shizuoka Chaya' opened its doors for the first time Friday (May 19) in Shizuoka City's Chamachi (茶町), an area where teas from all over Japan can be found. 'Shizuoka Chaya' is a place where visitors to the region can enjoy drinking delicious teas produced in Shizuoka as well as gain insights into that which they are drinking. The name of the tea house branch in Chamachi is '茶町 KINZABURO' (Chamachi Kinzaburo).

At 'Shizuoka Chaya' storekeepers carefully select three varieties of tea from the abundance of flavours produced in Shizuoka which visitors can enjoy for the 'one coin' price of 500 yen.

Shizuoka Chaya store keeper smiles in front of tea enthusiasts (and the camera)!


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