Feb 4, 2016

Welcome to Japan

Welcome to Japan photo
my time in japan, the Origin:
I came to Japan in the late 90's.
At that time, as far as I could remember two industries were very strong.
The IT industry, with all foreign software companies (either from US or Europe) expanding, hiring more peoples (and for some of them hiring and firing depending on Quarterly performances).
And at the same time the Recruiting companies (i.e. Access Technology) moving all those IT peoples from one company to another.
Few years later, many software companies went through a painful and lengthy process of mergers, laying off plenty of peoples and the top recruiting companies dedicated to those Gaishikei (Foreign companies in Japan) disappeared from the scene.
I take this occasion to mention (most of you might have noticed it) that I am not a native English speaker but as all languages, important is to be able to communicate... somehow.

More to come about:

My first Gaishikei
How Gaishikei were allowed to lose money for so many years during this period


20 years experience in Japan. running http://directionjapan.com
French citizen in his forties living in Japan and almost 20 years working for foreign companies in Japan.