Feb 4, 2016

Gaishikei 外資系 (Foreign company in Japan)

Foreign company in Japan or Gaishikei

While this word will be used many times through this blog (and has been already), no Wikipedia page exists for it.

  • The word Gaishikei (in Japanese 外資系) refers to foreign companies or multinational companies in Japan. The word comes from gaikoku (外国 the first character being used there) which means "out of the country", the country being Japan, it means "out of Japan" or "Foreign".
  • The second character used is shi () which comes from shihon 資本) which means capital as in a company capital. So we have "Foreign Capital".
  • Finally the last character kei () means corollary or related to. We generally talk in the press about gaishikei kigyou (外資系企業). Kigyou (企業) means simply a company, so we have foreign capital companies.
  • On the contrary Nikkei Kigyou (日系企業) would relate to a Japanese affiliated company. the Ni () relates to Nihon 日本) or Japan.

That's it for Gaishikei.
I recommend you a nice English<->Japanese dictionnary available on the web for free: ARUKU (アルク) http://www.alc.co.jp



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