Mar 11, 2016

Venus Fort Where the Greco-Roman Meets the Modern Japan!

Venus Fort Where the Greco-Roman Meets the Modern Japan!  photo
Venus Fort is located Odaiba right next to the Toyota car show building. It is a mall whose inside is styled after the ancient Greco-Roman art style and it is beautiful. The U.S. Association of Fancy Tea Parties recently visited this place while stopping at the Ferris wheel in Palette town.

If you want to go shopping with class this is definitely the place to visit and inside you can always feel as if it's daytime even during the night. You see the roof of this mall is a giant projector screen. While you shop the atmosphere is a moody lighting with a semi-cloudy sky above you at all times. There are a lot of high-end stores and while wearing our steampunk and gothic costumes we felt right at home. The ambient is quiet, and the people are friendly with many individuals waving at us and enjoying their day.
Venus Fort Where the Greco-Roman Meets the Modern Japan!  photo
Once you enter the main hall you will find statues and other figures which again follow the same style. As with any mall you will find restaurants inside, and there was an arcade there at one point which I'm not certain if it still remains. It is definitely a place to go and take a look if just to look at the scenery.

but, this location is extremely classy. The restaurants feel classy the are tables and yogurt places to eat and even ice cream and crepes. You will enjoy seeing the decor as you walk through the streets of Venus Fort all while waking under a beautiful blue sky. 

But, the reason I've been here multiple times is because this is where the sun, the moon, the planets, and the stars come to visit my son.
Venus Fort Where the Greco-Roman Meets the Modern Japan!  photo
Venus Fort's projector sky above the fountain in the pictures has a show that runs every 20 minute. During Christmas it is an amazing show of snowflakes and crystals with the sound of chiming rolling over every speaker and music playing in the background. It finishes with a view of the planets revolving and a mechanical roof with gears and cogs (which would not look out of place at a steampunk convention). It is a beautiful spectacle and my child loves it. He asks me to take him and see the planets at least once a month.

This time when we visited instead it showed a space whale along with constellations and the zodiac clock. My son was enraptured by the music and visions that were displayed above the fountain of Venus. While I carefully sat with him in my lap he quietly enjoyed the magical show that was playing before us. We walked around for a bit and took a few pictures, but overall it was a very satisfying ending to a great day.

It's one of those places that you can bring your date with and still feel classy, but if you want to enjoy a cheaper mall, but the same level of enjoyment. We will explore the Diver City Mall next!


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