Apr 8, 2016

How Much?! Weekly Expense in Japan (April 2 - 8)

How Much?!  Weekly Expense in Japan (April 2 - 8) photo

Debunking or exacerbating the myth that Japan is an expensive country.

A look back at this week’s expat-in-Japan expenses. How did we do?


It might have been grey and slightly chilly, but that didn’t stop Yoyogi Park in Tokyo looking like the last ever Rolling Stones concert, as people poured out to enjoy hanami.

Alas, ours was a brief affair, and few bits n bobs from a nearby convenience store would suffice.

How Much?!  Weekly Expense in Japan (April 2 - 8) photo

One pack of sandwiches, 2 bags of nuts, packet of home-brand cheese rings, 6 350ml cans of fruity alcopops ~ 2,000 yen 


Really need to reevaluate the Sunday schedule. Last week saw us cleaning, this week saw us down at home store giant コーナン / Conan. We were actually shopping for something to hang clothes on after putting them through the washing machine. Couldn’t resist one of these for summer though.

How Much?!  Weekly Expense in Japan (April 2 - 8) photo

Electric powered insect rackets! 398 yen.


We’re always vulnerable on a Monday, aren’t we? Even living the dream as we do as expats in Japan, Monday still has the power to make us cry out for a hug from mom. Well, in this case she’s on the other side of the planet, so comfort food will have to make do.

How Much?!  Weekly Expense in Japan (April 2 - 8) photo

Never shopped at coco frans before, but might start making a habit of it. This caramelized, apple ring, doughnut type thingy was rather splendid. 180 yen 


Never sure about the timing of these kokumin nenkin / 国民年金 (pension) payments. The bit of paper has a date on it that says it’s valid until next year. We’re told though, that this means you can use said paper until that time. Does this mean you don’t have to pay until next year then? No, you have to pay this year, apparently. Although there’s no date specifying when. Whatever.

How Much?!  Weekly Expense in Japan (April 2 - 8) photo

Paper ‘number 3’ (presumably March) was paid today, in April. 15,590 yen.


Simple pleasures, eh?! Why buy a boring cylindrical container of ear cleaners when you can get one in the shape of something Disney?  

How Much?!  Weekly Expense in Japan (April 2 - 8) photo

From a Daiso. 100 yen. 108 yen with tax.


Today was the day McDonald’s new Giga Mac set hit the kitchens in Japan, and the nation wet themselves. A mate and I went out to try one for lunch.  

A MacDonald’s always sounds like a good idea, but never leaves you feeling better for it. Four patties in one ‘burger’ though, sounds like ethical bankruptcy, as well as desperation on the part of a ‘Mac’ that is having a hard time in Japan these days.

How Much?!  Weekly Expense in Japan (April 2 - 8) photo

My mate enjoyed it though. I just came away feeling used and greasy.  1,100 yen


Hold tight people. It’s Friday, and we’re about to tear the weekend a new … hang on, let’s not go too crazy just yet. We’ll ease into the weekend’s debauchery with a little treat.

How Much?!  Weekly Expense in Japan (April 2 - 8) photo

For those that like their sweets/candies tangy and sour, Japan has some interesting options. Today we went with the delightfully named fettuccine gummi / フェットチーネグミ from BOURBON. On the front of the package is written; アルデンテな弾む噛みごこち which translates as; an al dente, comfortable bite and treat, or something to that effect. Poor word order aside (on our part), we’d have to agree with this. 108 yen from a Family Mart.

This week of expense in Japan - 19, 484 yen

How was your week of spending? Pick up anything nice? Let us know in your comments below.

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