Aug 16, 2016

A One-Stop Site for Medical Services in Tokyo

Japan is a wonderful country to live in, as you really get to experience all four seasons.  The tough part, however, is that your body has to deal with the changes in climate. Generally, it's hard enough getting sick, more so if you live abroad and you have to find a way through language barriers. Health is of prime importance and it's best to have regular check ups, too. It can be tough finding a clinic with staff and doctors that can communicate effectively with you, especially since most services in Japan are, well, in Japanese. 

Luckily, there's a website that serves as a search engine for your medical needs, may it be hospitals, clinics or pharmacies.

It's pretty neat because you can dig into specifics. You can indicate which station or location you would want to look into to make your trip to the doctor convenient. You can even state which language you prefer.

And select which type of medical help you need.

You can find the website here

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  • じえりん

    on Aug 17

    Wow! This is very helpful and practical! exactly what I need! Thanksss!