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Nasu Insect World

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  • Saitama

    Beetles galore

    Price: 500 yen

    We actually really enjoyed the Insect Museum in Nasu, but it generally has a bad reputation. I don't think you would find this place too interesting, if you are neither into insects nor speak Japanese. Both are necessary to get value for money out of this Insect Museum.

    We visit out of season as the staff have more time to talk to you and explain insect life in more detail. On our last visit, each of the four kids got a beetle larva each, for free, to take home. We could have taken them in a make-shift container the museum was given us, but we paid for an insect cage just to make sure we got them home in one piece. The very helpful, kind and generous staff member gave us some soil and foliage to top up our cage which was bigger than the original container they were in. The museum is hot and mimics a forest, to make it a comfortable environment for the beetles and other insects they have. The area beside reception is a fun space to explore for kids with arches made from tree branches and the earth dug into something like a sunken tunnel.

    I am new to the whole beetle collecting hobby in Japan, its really my son and husband that are in to them, but I enjoyed it anyway. I do know that they had a number of rare and / or imported beetles and insects on display, that awed the beetle lovers in my family as well as the few other patrons that were there. Out of season the museum only opens on weekends; during season, April to September, the museum is open everyday. Unfortunately, the official website is in Japanese only. 


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