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Mori No Pan Ya

Avg: 400 yen
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  • Saitama

    Fresh Home made bread and baked goods in Finnish theme park

    Price: 400 yen

    Finland No Mori is referred to in the media as a Finnish theme park. I think for native English speakers that description is a bit misleading. It is basically a small collection of shops in beautiful wooden buildings that share the same car park. The Mori No Pan Ya or Forest bakery is just one of the shops. 

    Mori no pan ya is not huge, but they have a nice selection of bread some of which is Western style. If you are visiting Finland No Mori to meet the popular Santa from Lapland that is there annually, this is one of the shops that you can spend the necessary 1000 yen in, to receive a ticket to see Santa. They don't have the full selection on the website as most of what we bought (this year and last) isn't displayed there. For example, they have a type of breaded sausage that reminds me of baguettes with sausage back home in Ireland. Their croissants do feature on their website as they are one of their main staples. They are modelled on Swiss croissants rather than French ones and are perfectly fluffy on the inside and not too sweet. I would guess they don't add in too much sugar. One croissant is 162 yen. Their Choco Flake bar was very popular with my kids. The outside is crisp and the chocolate is crunchy. Again not too sweet, just the right amount of sweetness. One Choco Flake Bar is 216 yen.

    It is mainly a take-out shop, but there are seats out the back of the bakery and its neighbouring cheese and foreign produce shop, where you can sit in serenity with a nice view overlooking a river. 


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