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Bandai Toy Museum

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  • Crazydeath

    Bandai Toy Museum in Tochigi

    Price: 1000 yen

    The Bandai Toy Museum is a must see for all fan of Bandai and old toys. There are five diffrent sections to explore.

    The "world toy museum" were you can see diffrent toys from around the world, especially many trains and dolls from germany and Great Britain.

    At "hobby museum" you can find old Bandai toys like anime merchandise of Sailor Moon, Dragonball and so on.

    The "Japan Museum" has a big variety of old typical japanese toys, like dolls or tin toys.

    Also their is always a special exhibition. At the time I´ve been there it was an exhibition about Thomas Edison.

    After visiting all the diffrent sections, kids can play with very old video games or outside in the big garden with some toys.

    If you are a toylover it is a must to visit this museum!


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