Orihime Shrine

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  • edthethe

    on Sep 13

    Orihime Shrine

    You can see the shrine from most places in downtown Ashikaga. It is the bright red building tucked up on the side of a mountain. In order to reach the shrine though, you've got to climb some pretty steep stairs. From either train station , Ashikaga (JR) or Ashikagashi, it doesn't take more than about 20 mins to walk. It is like more other major shrines, selling fortunes and charms. Lowest price charm is about 500 en. There are also the stamp signing books. The books themselves are 1000en I believe. And the signature is 300. There are tables and benches to rest in the shade and vending machines. Just behind the shrine is the entrance into a hiking trail. There are events year round for different holidays, but the biggest is always new years. This is when it is most crowded and you will be lined on the stairs for hours. Spring is also popular for the cherry trees. they light them up at night.

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