Utsunomiya Gyoza-Kan

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  • TheHikingAlto

    on Jan 20

    Utsunomiya Gyoza-kan

    Every time I find myself back in Utsunomiya, I try to get to Utsunomiya Gyoza-Kan (宇都宮餃子館) for one of my meals while in town. While it is not the most famous gyoza shop in Utsunomiya, a city known for its gyoza, the 13 branches of this chain serve up really delicious gyoza. There are 15 different types of gyoza on the menu, along with a number of other dishes including ramen, fried rice, and spring rolls. I always order the gyoza set (pictured). It is around ¥1000 and includes a bowl of boiled gyoza, three deep-fried mini gyoza, four steamed gyoza, five normal gyoza, a bowl of rice, and Japanese pickles. Oh, and a bowl of anindofu for dessert. If I am especially hungry, I will add one order of gyoza (6 per order), usually the nira or the stamina type. The menu is in Japanese but there is a picture for almost everything. There are several different set menus including the gyoza set I get, a ramen set, and a fried rice set. Also, the restaurant tagged here is outside and across the street from the west exit of Utsunomiya Station. If this one happens to be full, there is a branch in the station, and three others within a minute of the west exit and this shop, as well as one branch on the east side of the station!

In the Area

Ooya Parking Area Outbound (Bound for Tohoku)

Utsunomiya-shi, Tochigi

Parking area with Stamina Kun, Skyberry Popcorn and Tonari No Totoro Goods



on Sep 25