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  • Saitama

    on Mar 2

    The night view alone is worth the yennies

    Manyou Club is the type of place that can be enjoyed by many; for a family outing, a perfect date, a group of friends or even just some relaxing time alone. They welcome children which is not always the case, especially in high end hot springs such as this one. Children under three are free in, but if you want to rent them a towel and baby yukata it costs 480 yen. The location is marvelous too, right on the bay and beside the fun Minato Mirai amusement park. At night you can look out over the bay and the afore mentioned amusement park that is illuminated at night. It is considered one of Yokohama's prime night views. Apart from the hot springs they have a number of relaxing treatments such as massage and reflexogoly on offer. Their rest rooms are very comfortable. Food is good and they have a good selection of alcohol.

  • Babei1096

    on Nov 12

    Onsen at the heart of the city

    Try this Japanese style onsen at heart of the city. If you are looking for a relaxing time this is perfect for you. Be ready for you will go nude all the way ,but its okay everybody will do the same. Don't worry for the towels, shampoo, body wash its all free. and the body lotion and face cream its all there. And if you are hungry after the relaxing bath, you can go to the restaurant and there are lot of foods to choose from. And after eating you can go at the roof top to have little drink while watching the view outside. Then if you feel sleepy they also have a place to lie down and relax watch tv or just listen to a music. But if you want to go overnight just ask the reception area of the rate because I haven't tried it yet. Thats all I can share with you guys I hope you can try this Japanese style onsen.

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