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661 Street Nasu Resort Shopping Park

Bearded Elvis at 661 Street661 Street American Stars661 Street661 Street (2)661 street (3)Coca cola 661 streetTeepee 661 StreetShackles at 661 street


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  • Saitama

    American Stars Museum, Elvis, Santa, Coca-cola, Ronald McDonald, Tepee and more!

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    This is a really fun mall close to the Nasu exit of the Tohoku highway in Tochigi.  There is a choice of unique shops and attractions. Plus there are lots of fun statues and paraphernalia on display in the car park and on the short avenue. 

    661 street is a good place to pick up novelty items. It boasts one of only two Coke (coca-cola) stores in Kanto. They have a wide choice of coca-cola goods that are hard to come by elsewhere. Other shops in the mall also sell novelty goods, such as SpongeBob Square pants goods and clothes in the Ladies Outlet. Chibicco Gang has a great choice of soft toys and character goods. You can buy precious stones and jewellry made from beads in Livingston.  There is a farmers market, Farmers Basket, selling locally produced goods such as homemade jams and honey. Rawhide sells liquer and alcohol, they have some of their ware displayed on a cart outside. There is even a fortune teller's shop, which seems to be quite popular. Another attraction of the mall is the American Stars Museum. That costs 1000 yen for adults and 600 yen for children. There is a Cafe and Bakery too. There are some photo spots you can enjoy for free. Elvis sits on a bench outside with room for adults and children to sit beside him for a photo. There are stocks and shackles beside him, that you can use for a photo too. In Winter they have a couple of Santa outside. 

    It is worth a stop off if you are in the area, especially if you are interested in novelty items. It opens from 9.30 am, but the closing hours depends on the shop. The American Stars Museum closes at 6.30 pm. The fortune tellers opens from 3 pm to 11 pm.


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