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Jyouki Kikansha

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  • Saitama

    A great one for kids and train lovers: food delivered by train, play trains and mini museum

    Price: 1000 yen

    We stopped here as a back up plan on a rainy day outing to Tochigi. We had no expectations whatsoever, so we were very pleasantly surprised by the cool interior of this fun train restaurant. We were even more awed by the free services on the 2nd floor and the presence of a small play area. 

    The staff explained that upstairs is the most popular spot, so we followed her into the train station archway up the stairs to a tatami area with about 8 tables. The tables are well spread apart and there is lots of space around each table, you could easily fit ten to a table with loads of room to leave any bags or luggage you might have. Each of the tables is in plain sight of the play area with two mini trains operated by coin. There are museum type displays there that you can peruse for free. They also had some toys out for the kids to play with. The highlight though is having your food delivered. Each table has a train station name with a placard of the name above a mini train track that runs by each table at the top of the tatami mat.  The reason each table has a train station name and a track running by it, is because the food is delivered by train. The train makes the journey as far as your station, stops, then you open the carriage and take out your food. It was pure entertainment and it was such a joy anytime someone at any table was getting food delivered, as you get to see the mini-train come out of the kitchen and perform its duty. The kids meal comes on a train plate. 

    The restaurant is beside a small train museum, which isn't half as much fun as the restaurant. The parking for both is shared. You can details of hours and menu on the official website, unfortunately it is mainly Japanese. There is an option for a technically translated English page, but its not very comprehensive. 


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