Mar 16, 2018

Certificate of Eligibility

Hi there. So! The embassy of Japan has told me that if I want to have a long term visa I need (mandatory) a job and a certificate of eligibility and there's no way around this. The amount for working holidays is nearly 10 000 € and it's a lot. Any suggestions on how I can get a good job and a good presentation to have a job in Japan. I wanted to be a teacher.



Just beginning to prepare for the rest of my life in the land of the rising Sun and have a lot of questions to make at all levels.

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  • genkidesu

    on Mar 16

    My first recommendation would be to look online for jobs that have visa sponsorship as part of their hiring process. Check Gaijinpot: https://jobs.gaijinpot.com/job/index/lang/en/keywords/Visa+sponsorship/orderby/latest The job at this link, for example, is in Osaka (where I think I remember you saying is where you plan to be based) and has visa sponsorship available for a teaching position: https://jobs.gaijinpot.com/job/view/lang/en/keywords/Visa+sponsorship/orderby/latest/job_id/126461#.WqrvSOhubZY

  • MGM01

    on Mar 16

    @genkidesu thank you so much for your help. You're really kind

  • Tomuu

    on Mar 17

    Online searches typically turn up quite a few English teaching jobs in Japan (although if you're location specific it can limit things a little). Fluent English speakers who have graduated from university usually can find enough teaching jobs to choose from if they aren't so specific about wages, location, hours e.t.c. I think what some people will do is just accept the first offer they get, just to get the certificate of eligibility / visa. After getting to Japan you'll then have more time and probably more options to find a job with better pay / conditions. When I got my certificate of eligibility (some years ago now) you typically had to have some kind of degree / major. I know people who got one without this, but it was harder for them and they had to have recommendations from people / potential employers based in Japan. I'm not sure what the situation is now but it's perhaps something you should check.

  • MGM01

    on Mar 17

    @Tomuu thank you so much more your reply. I have a major but it hasn't been easy to have answers from companies because some require the N1 level of Japanese and I'm just a N5 because I haven't had the chance to take the rest of them. Although I was going to take the N3. But I'm still looking. People say "patience is a virtue", but it doesn't apply to me. :P I wish I could know how to in rich my resume or create more visibility to employers.

  • irriizzzzzzzzz

    on Jul 20

    Online teaching job offers are basically on every employment-related online search engines in Japan. You can find some companies that offer a working visa. You may try to apply online first and if you ever get hired, they will help you process everything. Certificate of Eligibility is basically like an approval from the Japanese Immigration. You need it to be able to obtain a visa. I hope this helps.


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