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Hokkaido by plane or by train?

Hi. How can I travel to Hokkaido? plane or train?


on Oct 11

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Sending money to the UK

What's the best way to send money to the UK, preferably to a Lloyd's Bank account? And by best, one with good rates and less hassle. It could be online banking or cash remittance. Thanks!


on Jul 21

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Car Expense

Buying and maintaining a car is expensive in Japan?


on Jul 11

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US paypal and starbucks coffee

What I'm wanting to do is purchase starbucks here in Japan with my paypal in the states. I have money in my paypal account, but Ive only ever used it for ebay purchases. I was thinking maybe being able to buy a giftcard online, but I don't know where to look to be able to have the giftcard work in Japan. U.S. giftcards don't work here right? Any suggestions?


on Jul 4

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Seeking slow, but cultured retired living–but where?

As a gaijin married to a Japanese citizen, we just returned from another six-week trip in Japan, living like locals, and re-visiting the cities of Kyoto, Okayama, Kurashiki, and Takamatsu for the purpose of finding a place to own and permanently reside. Our housing options considered range from a renovated machiya to a 2LDK mansion. We seek an environment balanced between the built and the natural. Any recommendations and why? How can we overcome the challenges of uprooting and becoming an expat?


on Jul 3

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Public Relation in Japan

I want to know if I can move to Japan and pursue my career in Public Relations, will Japanese language be a barrier if I do so?


on Jun 28

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Teach English, Tutor English

I am planning to apply to be an English tutor/teacher here in Japan, does anybody know what are the basic requirements? Do I have to get a license from the city hall of where I live before I can start applying or is it not needed? Thank you.


on Jun 8

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Online shopping in Japan without a credit or debit card

I've noticed in the conbini shops you can buy a pre paid Visa card up to 10,000¥. Can these be used on any websites like ASOS or iherb etc? Does anyone have experience of using them?


on Mar 1

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Buying a bike in Tokyo

I'm looking to buy a hybrid bike for local and medium distance rides in and around Tokyo. I'm a bit of a cheapskate so I'm just wondering if anyone can suggest the minimum amount of yen I should be spending to get something reliable and that looks cool. Brands and shops would also be welcome.


on Feb 27

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Who else is parenting in Japan?

I am just curious (and maybe the information useful to City-cost) who else is parenting here in Japan? City-cost maybe a parenting / family section might be handy down the line! ;-)


on Feb 22

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Disposal of Furniture in Tokyo

I'm thinking of getting a new bed, so that means I have to get rid of my old one. Long ago, I found a flyer that states that they collect furniture and whatever other things that you don't need in your house anymore for free... But I can't find it anymore! Does anyone have any recommendations?


on Feb 1

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Doing your taxes in Japan

Does anyone know if the tax offices in Japan open on a Sunday? I've got my card thingy through so it's time to go in and do the tax paperwork stuff. I've heard that some offices open on a Sunday but maybe it depends on each area. Wondering if I need to waste a day off work on this.


on Jan 31