Apr 7, 2015

Fukuoka or Osaka? - Study, Living cost, etc.

How big is the living cost difference between Fukuoka and Osaka? And which city is better for studying Japanese and also find a part time job? My agency offers me 2 place to study: 1. Fukuoka - Aiwa Japanese Language School & Japan International Education Institute 2. Osaka - Human Academy

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  • Yuju

    on Apr 8

    I'm living in Tokyo, so I'm not sure that I can help your question. But this part > which city is better for studying Japanese I think Osaka is better because there are many foreigners also foreigner students. It makes you easy to make friend and hang out together. means have a lot of opportunity to learn Japanese via activities with your friend! Also easy access to Tokyo from Osaka like 3 hours by Shinnkansen. So someday I can introduce Tokyo city! :D

  • Samantha

    on Apr 9

    I actually think Fukuoka would be even better. The city isn't so large so maybe you can feel more relaxed and free. If you don't have an opportunity to speak any other language than Japanese, that will help you do better in school, because language is about communication. Fukuoka has a lot of cool festivals and things specific to the area so it's a great chance to experience real japan and enjoy yourself. I've also heard that those from smaller cities are overall friendlier than those from larger cities.

  • KevinC

    on Apr 9

    The living cost is very close, but Osaka is slightly cheaper. It's really depended on your living style and how much you want to experience. For traveling, Osaka is close to Kyodo and you can visit many places at a lower cost. For studying Japanese, I recommended you to study at Fukuoka because it will force to use Japanese. Osaka is a big city, so there is less chance for you to practice Japanese. Aiwa Japanese Language School has been established since 1988, they should have more teaching experience.

  • VinR

    on Apr 13

    @Yuju Thank you, so it's going to be something like omotenashi? hahaha :D @Samantha ah I heard about people from smaller cities are overall friendlier than people from the larger cities too, and I've seen some videos on youtube they said people in Osaka are quite friendly too if compared with people in Tokyo. @Kevin Hi Kevin!, this is the first time someone said Osaka is slightly cheaper than Fukuoka, can you tell me why Osaka is cheaper in your opinion? yes that true! Osaka location is quite strategic for travelling :D

  • KevinC

    on Apr 13

    Well, because there are more options and places for you to choice from in Osaka. Compare to a small town, there may only have one overpriced local shop available for you. Which one do you think is cheaper? Keep in mind that if you leave far away from the station and missed the last train or bus, it will cost you 5000 Yen to get home by taxi. Taxi is expensive in Japan!

  • Tomuu

    on Apr 14

    Hi VinR This is a difficult choice but a good one to have - two great cities! To be honest, if you're motivated enough, I don't think there is a difference between the two in terms of being able to study/communicate in Japanese. That said, people from Osaka are famous for being outspoken talkers/communicators/jokers so maybe it will be easier to make more Japanese contacts, and talk to random people in that city. Plus, in Osaka (as others have said) you'll have better access to other parts of Japan if you want to do some traveling. As a bigger city, it may also be easier to find part-time work. But then Fukuoka ... more relaxed, great ramen, good access to China if you want to visit there. Tough choice, but I don't think you can go wrong either way. Maybe it'll come down to which of the two schools looks a better fit for you, and whether you prefer a bigger/smaller city.


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