Dec 6, 2015

URGENTLY looking for foreign tourists in Japan to spotlight on TV.

NHK, the sole Japanese public network is looking for a foreign family or a couple who are planning to visit Japan this month that we can follow around for a story. If you or your friends are planning to visit Japan this month (preferably for the first time), who don't mind being on camera and interviewed, please direct message me ASAP and let me know the travel dates along with a photo or 2 of who are traveling. Thank you!! 今月(12月中)に知り合いの外国人の家族かカップルが初めて日本を訪れる予定のある方、NHKで日本の魅力や意外だった面などについてインタビューしたいのです。もし心当たりのある方はメッセージください〜!



TV line producer for NHK and other Japanese commercial networks

4 Answers

  • Saitama

    on Dec 12

    Is this still open? I can spread it around if it is.

  • JanglishJerry

    on Dec 27

    I'm not exactly a tourist, but I would love to be on TV lol.

  • DashTheBomber

    on Mar 2

    I'm rather fresh to Japan and I would be all right wih doing this.

  • DashTheBomber

    on Mar 2

    Thats us.


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Currency Exchange / LIFE Card

Hi! Anyone knows a foreign currency company that accepts credit card on buying a currency? Another question is if someone here has a credit card issued by LIFE Card? I just want to know if they have and english support , I can't find it on there website. Thank you!


on Jan 13

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Pokemon go and making friends

Ok so I am SUPER late getting into pokemon go. However, I don't have anyone I know nearby who plays and I need to trade a pokemon to complete a field research task or whatever. How do I find people who play pokemon go near me without having to walk up to random people and be like ...be my friend? *desperation*


on Dec 13

7 Answers

Sending parcels overseas with Japan Post

I think I may have touched on this in one or two blog posts, and this is as much an airing of frustration as it is a question. For the last few years I've used but one Japan Post office, close to where I work. I'm a regular there when it comes to sending parcels home for birthdays, Christmas etc. In the early day, I would just be asked to fill out that little green slip about the contents of the parcel, and would also be asked if there was a letter inside. (To which I always replied "No," as it makes things more expensive.) The next stage was that staff would then started to look at what I had written on the form and if there was anything that might be construed as needing a battery, they would ask me to write "No battery" if one wasn't included. Are they ever? Fine. Then things moved onto asking me what was in the parcel before handing me the green slip, so I felt like I was having to announce to the office staff what a cheap skate I am when it comes to presents. And then we would do the green slip, and the "battery" questions. Now another layer has been added -- on top of the questions, the battery check and the green form -- I now get a separate form, a kind of tick-the-box checklist through which I declare that I'm not sending any cigarette lighters, matches, sprays etc lest I face prosecution. Then we get onto the questions, and all the rest of it. I'm just wondering if others are being taken through the same process when they send things overseas with JP, or is it just that particular branch ... or just me. It's kind of taking the fun out of trying to be a good uncle, brother, son, friend etc. Still, at least they've stopped asking me if there's a letter in the parcel.


on Dec 10

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Gently Used furniture

I will be visiting Japan early March and I want to arrange for the purchase of several pieces of furniture for my husband‘s new apartment. We are both well into our senior years and for health reasons can only see one another once a year. He needs a double bed, a small two-seater sofa or a recliner chair and a small kitchen table with two chairs. We cannot buy them right now but I do want to arrange to purchase and have them delivered before I arrive in Japan March 5. Bilingual. Any ideas?


on Dec 2