Jan 13, 2019

Currency Exchange / LIFE Card

Hi! Anyone knows a foreign currency company that accepts credit card on buying a currency? Another question is if someone here has a credit card issued by LIFE Card? I just want to know if they have and english support , I can't find it on there website. Thank you!



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3 Answers

  • helloalissa

    on Jan 14

    I'm not familiar with the LIFE card, but if your card has a pin number set up for cash withdrawal, you can possibly use it to take out cash in yen while in Japan (from 7 Bank at 7-11 for example). You could probably do the same thing in another country if you want another currency. (I've only done this once (years ago) with a US issued card with a visa / mastercard logo on it, so it depends on if your card is accepted in the ATM.)

  • KevinC

    on Jan 15

    Credit card cash advance is the only option, as helloalissa had mentioned your card must set up with a pin number. Most card companies in Japan don't have English support unless it is premium credit card. Example: https://www.visasignatureconcierge.com Cash exchange in Japan also has a bad exchange rate, unless you have US dollar. In order to get the best exchange rate use your debit card or cash card and withdraw it with ATM.

  • thepangans

    on Jan 28

    Thank you for the information :)


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