Feb 22, 2017

Who else is parenting in Japan?

I am just curious (and maybe the information useful to City-cost) who else is parenting here in Japan? City-cost maybe a parenting / family section might be handy down the line! ;-)



Level 8 LocalGuide with Google. Blogging about life in Japan as an Irish WAHM to 4 kids on insaitama.com.

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  • Ashes

    on Feb 23

    Meeeeeeeee! Send help any time... Parenting as a foreign couple (no Japanese spouse) is so hard sometimes. I miss the family connections and support, it's beautiful to see other people loving on your baby. Also, all the Japanese needed for kiddy life here... But these challenges can bring you closer to your spouse. I love the friendly Japanese community, and affordable childcare (compared to Aus). And purikura with my bebe - LOVE IT!

  • Aluma

    on Feb 22

    I am! My daughter was born here and so far we love it.

  • edthethe

    on Feb 22

    I'm parenting. It would be very convenient to have a space to find information about parenting here.

  • LostgirlCA

    on Feb 22

    Me !! I have a 1 year old baby girl and I'm now 5 months pregnant with my first boy! (Although the doctor keeps saying I could be wrong haha sooo maybe a boy I should say ! ) Haha

  • Heath320

    on Feb 23

    I am a parent in Japan! I have an almost 3 year old son and I am 14 weeks pregnant. A parenting section would be great!

  • SilviaS15

    on Feb 23

    I totally agree with this!

  • Amandee

    on Apr 25

    I am and will be for the foreseeable future! I'd like to see a parenting section on here too

  • genkidesu

    on Oct 9

    I know this is an old question but I am! I have a 2 year old (soon to be 3 in December) and a 6 month old. I find parenting posts some of the most helpful because they are the area I have the most questions about!


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